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A Donkey's Religion

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A Donkey's Religion
Signs of the Times, May 25, 1904; via November 2005 Signs of the Times Email Newsletter
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Scott Severance
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February 27, 2006
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February 27, 2006

A little girl had been to a revival and been happily converted. She came home laughing and singing, her little heart so light and full of joy. "O grandpa," she cried, rushing into the room where the old man sat, "I have got religion! I have got religion!" He took her by the shoulders and set her down hard on a chair. "You don't know what religion is. People don't shout and skip when they have religion. Now, sit still."

The child sat there a while, then crept away, all the joy and gladness gone from her little heart. She went and climbed on the lot fence, where she went each day to feed sugar to an old donkey. The old donkey put his head up, and as she stroked his face she said pityingly: "Poor old donkey! Poor old donkey! You have got religion--I know you have; your face is long, just like grandpa's."