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The Rich Young Man and the Street Urchin

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The Rich Young Man and the Street Urchin
Leon L. Caviness
Signs of the Times, September 14, 1926. Via the May 2010 issue of the Signs of the Times E-mail Newsletter.
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Scott Severance
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May 4, 2010

There was a rich young man who had a series of disappointments which made him feel that life was not worth while, as if he really had nothing left to live for. On his way to the river where he intended to end his life, a street urchin met him and begged for a little money to buy bread. The young man, seeing by the pinched face of the child that he was really hungry, said to himself, "I will see that this boy gets one good meal before I die."

He took the boy to a good restaurant and ordered for him such a meal as he had never before seen in his life. As the young man saw the child eat, a strange feeling of joy crept into his own heart. Then he thought that if he were to commit suicide, the boy would soon again be as hungry as before.

So he decided that he would make it his business to see that that child always had enough to eat. The young man had found happiness, for he had something to live for—a human being he could help.

Thus the secret of happiness is not possession, pleasure, work, or knowledge; but faith in God and service to our fellow men. It was in this that Christ's joy consisted. As we enter into His life of prayer, Bible study, and service to our fellow men, we can enter into His joy now, and be prepared to share His joy in the hereafter.