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Your Friends Are My Friends

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Your Friends Are My Friends
Ulee Daway
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Ulee Daway
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December 22, 2010

There were two men, virtually strangers to each other: one, a young minister who came to a small town to act as executor of his late grandmothers estate; the other, an elderly man who was a long time friend of the young minister's late grandmother. Over the course of twenty years prior to the grandmother's death the elderly man was a regular visitor of the grandmother, and in fact, ate at her home many times.

One day, a year after the grandmother's death the young minister, while working on a sermon, heard voices outside his grandmother's house. When he stepped outside he saw the elderly man sitting in the collapsed dog house where he had fallen. As he helped the man up he realized the elderly man was drunk from the smell of liquor on his breath and the man's unintelligible speech.

The elderly man told the minister that he had come to visit the minister's brother who also lived there. The young minister told the elderly man that his brother was asleep and the drunken elderly man insisted that the young minister wake him. The young minister declined and the elderly man became beligerant and began to curse and insist that the young minister do as he told him. The young minister refused and told the elderly man he had to leave. The elderly man would not.

The young minister took the elderly man by his arm and escorted him back to his truck and told him if he did not leave he would shoot him because he was trespassing. The drunken elderly man took off his cap and pointed to the center of his forehead and said shoot me right here and take me out of my misery. The minister's sister-in-law, awakened by the commotion, came out and began to explain to the man that her husband was asleep and she was not going to wake him. The elderly man finally conceded that he would leave but only after he made peace with the young minister.

The young minister had gone inside the house and began to think all that the elderly man likely wanted was some company. And, he went back outside. The elderly man extended his hand and told the young minister that he did want to leave with them angry with each other. The young minister pulled up two chairs and invited the elderly man to sit down and offered him a cup of coffee. The elderly man said "your grandmother always had a cup of coffe for me." There they sat and began to talk for the next three hours. Needless to say they became friends.