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"Our" Car

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"Our" Car
Adrian Rogers
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Scott Severance
Submitted On
February 27, 2006
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February 27, 2006

Suppose you have a friend named Jim who tells you, "I am going to buy you a $50,000 automobile as a gift." He drives up in front of your house with that brand-new automobile. Suppose you were to say to him, "Jim, I canít let you do that. It is just too great a gift. Here is a quarter. Here is twenty-five cents; let me help pay for this thing." And so Jim pays $49,999.75, and you pay a quarter.

Now you are driving the car down the road, and someone says, "That is a nice car you have there." You say, "Yes, my friend Jim and I bought this car." That would be an insult to Jim, would it not?

We must remember that we cannot take any praise or credit for our salvation. None whatsoever! It is all of God.