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We Hear the Trumpets

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We Hear the Trumpets
Kay Anger
Signs of the Times, March 2002; via October 2005 Signs of the Times Email Newsletter
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Scott Severance
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February 27, 2006
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February 27, 2006

Invited to provide special music in his church, Rocky decided to play “The Holy City” on his trumpet. However, he hadn’t played the trumpet for quite some time, and this particular number requires a great deal of strength in the lip. So Rocky knew he’d have to spend a good bit of time practicing. But the only time he had to practice was early morning before going to work, and he wasn’t sure the neighbors would appreciate the noise at that hour of the day.

Rocky pondered the problem for a day or two and came up with a solution. He was acquainted with an elderly Christian couple who lived on a small farm outside of town, and he decided to go out to their place early in the morning and practice in their old silo. Here he could blow with all the gusto he wished and disturb no one.

All seemed to go well the morning he went out to the farm. He sneaked into the silo and played to his heart’s content for half an hour. When he had finished practicing, he walked out of the silo and found the elderly couple standing in the yard in their nightclothes, yelling “Where is it? Where is it? We hear the trumpets, but we can’t see the cloud!”

The only thing Rocky could think to say was, “It was just me. I’m so sorry.”

Those dear old people believed Jesus had returned! How happy they were, thinking they had lived to see Him come to take them home.

May we have the faith of that dedicated couple.