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Walk In His Steps

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Walk In His Steps
Jeremy Westcott
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Jeremy Westcott
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December 21, 2007
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December 22, 2007

My first winter after moving to Illinois I enjoyed playing in the snow with my kids. After the first real snow fall we grabbed our sleds and headed out to a big hill by our house. We had to walk quite a distance in fairly deep snow. After we got to the hill and had gone sledding for about 45 minutes, it was time to head home for lunch. I started walking back through the snow to the car. My daughter, 8 years old, and my son, 5 years old fell in step behind me.

I began to take smaller steps and told the kids to walk in my footsteps because then they wouldn't have to trudge through the snow as hard. After a minute I turned around and looked at my son's little feet walking in my steps. He had to take giant steps in order to walk in what I thought were my little steps. I then began taking what I thought were baby steps. Another minute or so passed and I turned to look again, this time he followed along very easily, keeping pace with me.

Instantly I saw a lesson right there. I know all the theological arguments about grace and growing as Christians. But that little experience showed me more clearly than ever that God does the same thing with us. We couldn't make it right if we had to take giant leaps to follow in His big footsteps. As my son grows older, I know I can take larger and larger strides. And as I grow in grace I will be able to follow God's larger strides, too. How kind He is to treat us as children.